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March 09, 2010


Carmen Williams

Life is easier with my SINGLE BOTTLE BAG. I carry it everywhere!

Christy Castillo

I think the product that makes my life much easier would have to be the Skip Hop Pronto. I love that I can just grab it and go, or stick it inside my diaper bag. It is really convenient!! I use it a lot when we are out to eat. Instead of taking the whole diaper bag with me to the restroom, I can just grap it instead. Great product!!

Kimberly Bennett

I received a Studio Bag last year as a gift. I LOVE IT. I own 5 diaper bags and the Studio Bag is the most versatile, stylish, and organized of all the bags I have….I hope I win this one


I am pregnant and planning on getting the DASH bag. I can't wait to purchase it! :)

Deanna Hernandez

I love skip hop products especially my skip hop diaper bag. I know how essential the bag are to moms


The Zoo Lunchie would be perfect for carrying snacks to the park. The designs are also super cute!


Very cute - love the fabric!

Carmen Williams

I love the paci holder. Although my little one doesnt use a paci, I use the pocket for change!

Carmen Williams

I really want a skip hop diaper bag. I have been contemplating buying the dash, messenger or backpack. This one though is super cute!

Pamela Watson

I love my FarmYard Activity Gym. It makes trips to Grandma's house even more fun!

Adrianne Yang

I adore my Studio Tote. I have no problems carrying it on my shoulder while having the baby in my front carrier. It is the only diaper bag I've been able to find that does that comfortably.

Mandy Terry

I love my Skip Hop STUDIO Diaper Bag! It's perfect in every way. I would love to win this one since I adore the print! ::crosses fingers in hopes of winning!::

Melanie Knoepke

I love Skip Hop products. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your diaper bags! I recommend your diaper bags to all of my friends when they get pregnant.

Liz Lazear

I love my skip hop wipes case because its clear and so I can see how many wipes I have left & can reload as needed. No more getting stuck changing a blowout in some bathroom and realizing you only have 1 wipe left!

Laura Pryst

I love my diaper bag and its detachable purse. Makes it easy to transition from Mom on the go to Gal on the go.


Love my single bottle holder

Taryn Mazza

My Duo is the only thing left still standing from when I had my first daughter in 06. I love it so so much (although I could def. use something a bit bigger sometimes)!

Whitney Schutte

I have a City Chic diaper bag and the clutch that attaches to it made my life 100 times easier last year. Instead of having to lug around a diaper bag and I purse, I got to have both at once! I'm ready for a smaller bag now though, so the Studio would be perfect!


I love the Skip Hop Pronto! It's so easy on the go and I can also throw it into my diaper bag when going out for an entire day!

Danette Morgan

Love, love, love....absolutely adorable, yet super functional! I love all of the products & receive many compliments on my Pronto! Super cute & I use it everyday! (still looks new!). Pick me please...I would treasure it! Thank you!!

Melanie Seguin

I love the PRONTO because I don't always have to bring thee big diaper bag with me. Especially, when I'm running a quick errand.


I'm pregnant and I can't wait to use the pronto! It will be great for short trips when I don't need my full diaper bag (still deciding which Skip Hop to get for my diaper bag!).


I can't live without my skip hop studio bag. It is the ONLY diaper bag that I have actually wanted to carry. All the other ones I had just sat in the car. The skip hop studio actually makes me want to go out just so I can use it!! My friend is pregnant with her first child and I would love to win this for her! Thanks!


I love my Diaper detail Bag; it has been used in so many ways;
The zip bag for; wallet, make up, blackberry, and keys. I use this as my essential which I transfer from diaper bag to my work bag to my going out bag :)
See-through Wipes Case: essential to see when we have run out
Diaper Holder: I actually use this for the baby's spare clothes in our changing bag
Gift Tote: I use this for quick trips to the local shops I just chuck in the rest of the rest of the contents & we are ready to go :)

Johanna Burger

I love my skip hop activity mat...My daughter loves it too and I love giving it as baby shower presents! I also use my skip hop wipes dispenser daily! I hope to win the bag to add to my skip hop obsession! Love all your products!


It's a toss up between my Swipe and Pronto. Love the Pronto because it holds all the essentials and I can just toss it under the stroller when we go for a run or in my purse for a quick trip to the store. Love Love LOVE the Swipe. I tried a few cheap wipes cases and finally got so fed up with wipes drying out that I got a Swipe. No more wasted wipes.

Samantha Hanton

I love our Pronto. I wish I had had it earlier. I love, love, love it none-the-less. It' lives in the stroller and makes life incredibly easy.

Sarah R

My skip hop studio tote in grey makes life SO much easier. It's stylish enough to tote everywhere and I love the stroller clips.


I love the Skip Hop Pronto- I can quickly switch bags using it and it fits everything I need. I love that if we're out, I can take my son to the changing area with just that and change him quickly.

Carmen Williams

Love this pattern and would LOVE to win!!!!


I love my skip hop EVERYTHING!!! Especially our activity map. It is so cute and our little one loved it!

Anna Emiliani

I love my Dash deluxe diaper bag! I have received so many nice complements, and even had some moms asked me where they could purchase one for their kids. I can fit so much in this bag, it's not even funny. If I win this bag, I already know I'm going to love it!! It's beautiful and just perfect for my baby's needs.


I don't have a Skip Hop bag... yet! It's a big decision!


I love the skip hop zoo pack for my son. He has the penguin backpack and takes it everywhere, which frees up my bag for baby things (and things for me!). I'd love to win this bag!


That is so cute! I love Skip Hop!

Erika Rodriguez

Of all the diaper bags I own, my skip hop bag is the best one my # 1. It makes my life a whole lot easier. I just throw my things in there and go out the door!


Pacifier Pocket is the perfect pouch to hold my little one's pacifiers when we are on the move.


I love our triple bottle bags and so do my kids. They love to use them as backpack lunch/snack bags, and I use them to keep my water bottles cool for a pretty long period of time!

Annette Walters

Can't live without my Stuido diaper bag... It have a place for everything, isn't bulky, and is so damn cute!

risha parayno

I think that skip hop bags are not only extremely functional but also very stylish and cute! The dash diaper bag may look very compact but fits everything I need, from diapers, to a couple of changing clothes and little knick knacks that I need for the baby like snacks and a lil juice cup =) and of course lil toys to keep her busy. I dont have to sacrifice comfort or style for a great diaper bag. and its sooo hard to find a good diaper bag these days thats stylish and comfortable without breaking the bank haha. Thank you skip hop for making such a great diaper bag!!!! its a major necessity! cant live without it =)

Johanna Burger

I really love my new skip hop bottle dryer! So cute and functual!


I love my Skip Hop Swipe =)

Linde Althaus

I love that my husband has his OWN Skip Hop Dash Deluxe diaper bag in olive, so I don't have to share my bag! I really don't know how people share... :) My baby is just starting on solids, so I'm looking forward to some of the feeding products!


Love the zoo lunchie!

Carmen Williams

Life would be so much easier if I HAD THIS BAG!!!!


I love your products! I think the Chow Baby food organizer is amazing...though everything you guys sell is amazing. I love how functional yet nice everything is. No one wants to carry around a giant pink diaper bag...not when you guys have such great ones that are more trendy for mom! I am already a mom, why do I have to have the mini vans of diaper bags!! Crossing my fingers I get this great bag!!


I bought my Pronto almost 3 yrs ago when I had my first child & I still love it! I always have it in my car, ready to go whenever I need it!


I love my skip hop wipes case!! It's super easy to open & makes changing a diaper a lot easier!

Deanna Hernandez-Arza

I love love SkipHop diaper bags because they are well made and fashionable accessory for any mom


I love my skip hop diaper bag because it attaches to the stroller handle AND it isn't so heavy that the stroller falls over if my baby isn't in it.

Too bad I lost the changing pad that came with the amazing bag!


I finally bought my first skip hop diaper bag today! it is great, with the unisex pattern my husband can also use! =) love it! wouldn't mind another one!!

Joy Tiongco

This bag is fashionable for me when I'm out in about with my babies this spring time.

Meredith Ritchie

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the spark/pronto! I searched forever to find a fashionable, fun, easy changing pad/mat/wipes case! My husband even loves it! We take our SPARK everywhere! Someone even stopped me and asked where I got my clutch!


I am impressed with the quality and versatility of the skip hop line. I love all of the pockets.

amy grebe

i love this bag! and am ordering a skip hop soon to make MY life easier. i'm in love with the stroller straps!

Karen G.

Love the Mate mat and plate. It would make dinner time here a little less messy :P Love the diaper bag, so stylish! I hope I win!

karen mckeown

My favorite item, the Skip Hop Dash. I am a bit of a diaper bag freak/snob, and it is by far my favorite bag I have used in the past 6 years, and the only one I still use. I love that I can fit everything for me and the baby in one bag, and not have to carry a purse. The lay out of the pockets keeps me very organized, and my diaper bag does not turn into a black hole. My husband keeps threatening to steal it as a camera bag! I am currently pregnant with my third child, and am deliberating over what color I should get for this baby!


I love my backpack and my Duo diaper bags. The pockets are great for all of my things and I love the strap-on to stroller feature. I use them every day. I recently bought the duo double for my sis-in-law with twins and always recommend this brand to friends. Thanks for the great design!

Danielle Britten

I love the swipes wipe case. My favorite thing about it is that it holds more wipes than other cases and the easy access swipe.

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Diaper Bag Lover

I am glad that the times have progressed from plain looking diaper bags to the age of the diaper bag when they are a style accessory that combines chic-ness and function! I sometimes contemplate buying diaper bags to use as totes even though my kids are grown up now!

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